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Culture Idea

Core values: creating more value for customers

Innovation: On the basis of the existing technology, we will continue to reform and improve the technology that is suitable for market development and leading the market.

Ideas: Be brave in thinking, dare to imagine, and cross the existing technical commanding heights.

  • Brand story

    Brand story

    Brand Story

    At the end of the 20th century, China's non-ferrous metals industry has developed from extensive development after reform and opening up to the advantage of concentrating domestic resources. The stage of becoming bigger and stronger, from the 14th Party Congress to the 16th Party Congress, China is building The basic framework of the socialist market economic system.
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  • Kunshan Pinzhi

    Kunshan Pinzhi

    Kunshan Pinzhi

    Kunshan Pinzhi Metal Materials Co., Ltd. ("Pinzhi Metal") has been committed to high-precision wire rods since its establishment in 2007...
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  • Anhui Pinzhi

    Anhui Pinzhi

    Anhui Pinzhi

    Anhui Pinzhi Alloy New Material Co., Ltd. (Anhui Pinzhi), as one of the new processing and manufacturing centers....
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